About us

Benevolent Healthcare Services, LLC offers professional medical services for the purposes of assessing, diagnosing, treating and managing medical illnesses. We are committed to providing professional, objective, medical care to all individuals regardless of age, race, religion, gender, national origin, or disability through the use of qualified, highly dedicated, healthcare personnel. Our providers do not believe it is enough to simply provide medical care, but also to educate patients to understand their medical conditions and treatment options, and empower them to make informed, reasonable decisions about their healthcare. With this objective approach, our representative staff will provide excellent medical services to the patients in your facility, while successfully helping the medical clinic meet targeted quotas and implementing time saving and process improving procedures.

Who Are We?

Benevolent Healthcare Services, LLC was founded and is run by a licensed healthcare provider who knows the ins and outs of operating a medical facility. Having the core background of professional training and boots on the ground experience, we are equipped to anticipate your facility’s needs and provide the necessary staff to help your day to day operation run smoothly.

We have a dedicated team of providers, administrators and HR professionals available to speak with you about your needs, perform site visits if indicated, and provide feedback, giving you the best staffing options to fit your requirements.

What We Do

Benevolent Healthcare Services, LLC is dedicated to matching great talent to great opportunities in the healthcare field.
If you are a healthcare facility, we can help you evaluate your organization’s needs, develop a coverage plan to meet your patient treatment requirements and goals, then source, screen and recruit top notch, dedicated providers to meet all your needs. Contact us today and let us help find your next great talent! If you are a healthcare provider, we can help match you to one of our dynamic treatment facilities, providing exciting employment opportunities with the advantages of fixed or flexible work schedules, temporary, travel or permanent placements, and highly competitive pay. Contact us today and let us help match you to your next great opportunity!


Benevolent Healthcare Services, LLC is a certified SWAM organization that has provided excellent medical staffing to various organizations and facilities throughout the state of Virginia since 2015. We are committed to continuing that excellent service with your organization. Let us help you fulfill your staffing needs in Virginia and beyond! Look for us on eVA and place your orders through Ariba Network.

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